about ME

My name is Laurel & I am an actress, currently on my fourth Broadway show, with a passion for baking.  The culinary arts flow through my heritage as I am a descendent of supremely talented southern bakers & chefs.  I take pride in channeling my family influence in every sweet treat I make.  Everything I make is COMPLETELY from scratch, no matter if it’s squeezing 10 lemons to get enough juice and zest for one cake and its frosting, to making caramel from scratch, to roasting nuts on an “open” fire I.E. our stovetop…this is my husband’s specialty!  I believe the more work put into what you consume, the better it tastes!  If you live in the NYC area, I would love to work with you to create a unique & special dessert balanced in taste, beauty, love & infused with music notes (I've been known to sing while I bake).  My treats will have your taste buds dancing & singing along to the beat of your own tooth!